What’s the goal here?

My husband works hard as the bread-winner for our family. I am grateful that his job and hard work have allowed for me to stay home with our kids.  I have long been trying to find ways to help bring in extra money for our family.  My goal has always been the same- help build our savings so my honey can retire earlier.  Over the last 15 years, that effort has mainly been comprised of failed Direct Sales attempts (4).  While I learned alot, and ended up with (too much) free or seriously discounted products, I was never able to do anything significant with them. (I have nothing against Direct Sales. I think DS companies have the potential to offer great opportunities to people. Maybe it’s just not a good fit for me.)

Two things that you can do to help grow your savings and build for the future are make more and/or spend less.  So, I have been working on spending less.  I am not a hard-core couponer (power to all of you out there!) but I try to stock up during sales, use coupons on stuff we normally use, and avoid paying full retail whenever possible. I also work to not make impulse purchases. To achieve this, I have stopped doing Target runs when possible.  I know I’m a sucker for the Clearance shelves.

In this project, I am counting the pennies we save. Literally pennies. Every. Single. Cent. Because they all add up!  Some things we can do to save pennies are easy, small changes that can add up. Some may be more extreme, but with the power of a competitive spirit – it can be worth it. Did I mention we can be rather competitive?  Who can save more pennies?! We shall see.  My hubby has an advantage as he can be more hardy than me (cold vs. hot shower water), but I can be creative at times (cutting up towels to make them smaller to use less energy for washing and drying).

Whoever comes out ahead, we both win if our family is spending less money, and the Earth wins a bit with us using less resources.

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